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In memory of Charles Richard Wall

Conceived from heartfelt compassion and later born of a unique desire to make a positive difference in this world, Lenny’s House was given life by Tristan Lennox and his family in the midst of a Global Pandemic and in the wake of his Grand Father’s (Charles Richard Wall) passing from a terrible disease known as “ALS” (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Since May 4, 2020 we have often asked ourselves “what actually took Rick from us?” Was it “ALS” or was it really the isolation requirement caused by Coronavirus? Either way Tristan was compelled by all of the sadness to find a way to honor his Grand Father by making a chivalrous stand within our communities…in our Country to extend a helping hand to many people in need.

The idea was not to isolate or focus on one charitable cause but rather to try to help as many as we can.

What Is Lenny’s House?

So, what is Lenny’s House, exactly? Lenny’s House is a unique place where EVERYONE is welcome…regardless of gender, race, religion, or economic situation.

We ask people from within our Canadian community to tell us their story.  What is your cause that you’d like us to support?  We will select a few requests each year and we will raise money in support of them, with various events. 

Every request will receive consideration, but we want to support causes that typically don’t get the mainstream dollars. 

Raising Money For A Variety of Causes

For whatever the reason, if you want to take a stand against bullying, we may be able to help.

Maybe you have experienced a personal loss and you want to raise money to help cure a disease like ALS or Cancer…we may be able to help.

Perhaps you know of a person in need of shelter for the homeless or a battered woman? We may be able to help.

Whatever the need, all a person needs to do is reach out to our organization and make us aware of the situation. We will personally respond, explaining whether or not our organization is in a position to help and exactly what that might look like. No plea for help will be ignored. We realize that we may not be able to help everyone BUT we will do our best to help as many as we can.

Throughout the course of a given year, Lenny’s House will host and hold many events with the goal of raising funds for the charitable causes that have been named on our website during that year.

That money will be collected, tracked and monitored with the highest of integrity throughout the year.

At the end of the year, all of the money raised will be paid out accordingly to the charities identified by Lenny’s House during collection.

A new set of charities will then be identified for the following year.

As a tribute to Charles Richard Wall, in the first year of operation all funds raised will go to support ALS.

100% of the net funds raised by Lenny’s House will go to the charities that Tristan designates that the Organization will support for that calendar year.