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Rick was a devoted and loving husband first and foremost, followed very closely by an undying commitment and deep unconditional love for his daughters and grandchildren. He was an avid Toronto Maple Leafs Fan for his entire life and absolutely LOVED his role as a Hockey Grandpa.

Not only was he an avid sports fan but, even well into his 60’s, he was a participant. Rick began as a young man in his early 20’s coaching his brother Peter and teammates to 6 consecutive Toronto League Championships and then continued into his middle years by coaching his daughters’ many softball teams in Brockville, Ontario.

Later on as he reached his middle sixties he was still on the field helping to coach the Cambridge junior rookie cubs where his grandchildren played. No matter what his grandchildren did, Rick was their biggest fan and always found a way to support them.

As a professional, Rick developed into what was one of many important pioneers in the Canadian Natural Gas Industry. He listened attentively to his customer’s needs and he sought to solve their problems for them by bringing them highly reputable functional products and viable solutions, many of which are still readily utilized today and will be for years and years to come.

The concepts of Family and Team Work were aptly applied when he formed CR Wall & Co. Inc. in 1981, and then a short time thereafter invited his brother and sister-in-law to partner with him. Today that business is proudly servicing the Canadian Natural Gas Industry and is run by his daughter Chantal Wall.

During his retirement, Rick & Denise found a beautiful, safe and friendly golf community in Port Charlotte Florida where they met many new friends as card carrying members of the “Snowbirds”. A time of his life that he cherished greatly.

Rick was never afraid to reach out and shake hands with new people…and he had many, many friends because of that. He will be missed by the many people who knew him even as an acquaintance because he was fun and he was friendly. It truly was a privilege to have known and spent time with Rick.