We want to thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your feedback and stories describing so many worthy Causes for Lenny’s House to consider supporting in the coming year.  There were many of you who actually suggested a charity that is both near and dear to our hearts, for many reasons, and that is War Amps Program.  Some of you may know that I have 3 siblings…but you may not know that the eldest, my sister Abigayle, who is beautiful both inside and out was born with a rare affliction called “Cleft hand”.  As Abby grew up there were a lot of times where she was afforded the opportunity to take part and compete in so many sports because of this wonderful organization, who provided the necessary prosthetics.  https://www.waramps.ca/pdf/english-site/media/quick-facts/CHAMP-quick-facts.pdf  This program helps people of all ages by providing the funding necessary for professional Specialists to develop affordable artificial limbs that can be provided to people in order to help them perform the daily tasks that sometimes get taken for granted.  War Amps not only helps kids like my sister Abby but they may also help a child who had an unfortunate accident and lost a limb or a First Responder who may have been injured while saving someone’s life or protecting the FREEDOM that we all enjoy every single day.

Please join us in this next year and help to support another GREAT Cause in the form of: War Amps Program.  Every little bit helps…including all of those shares and every single “like”.  Please visit us at www.lennyshouse.ca where we will be posting more information about our ideas and upcoming events over the coming weeks and months.  

Best Wishes ALWAYs and thank you from my heart to yours…

Tristan (Lenny)